Kevin R. Scott

With considerable academic expertise in criminal justice, criminology, juvenile delinquency, court procedures, and administrative policies and procedures, Kevin R. Scott excels as a peer specialist with the Detroit John D. Dingell VA Medical Hospital, with which he assists physicians and other professional and non-professional personnel in a rehabilitation treatment program. Likewise, he engages in a variety of therapeutic and supportive tasks that include assisting veterans in articulating their goals for recovery, provides daily modeling and effective coping techniques and self-help strategies, and documents group and individual progress notes of veterans. Additionally, he volunteers as a veteran peer mentor for the Honorable Judge Gene Hunt with the 19th District Veteran Treatment Court and the Hon. Judge Shannon A. Holmes for the 36th District Veteran Treatment Court. Mr. Scott is also active as a volunteer mental health ambassador with the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network.

Prior to his current role with the Detroit John D. Dingell VA Medical Hospital, Mr. Scott gained valuable expertise in the field as an education program support administrator, a logistics associate, a VHA travel clerk and a VCS salesclerk. Over the years, he has also worked as a logistical supply technician for Ann Arbor VA Medical Hospital, an educational analyst for Measurement Incorporated, a lead security analyst for IBM, and a division operations manager for Scott & Associates. In pursuit of his career, Mr. Scott earned a Master of Science from North Carolina Central University in 1996.

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